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We dare to assume that you are facing the ever-changing, complex, and sometimes complicated reality of drug development and commercialisation of medicinal products. In these environments, every project is unique and staking out your path through the regulatory landscape means constantly weighing risks against opportunities. 

About us

We help leaders and companies in pharma and biotech realise projects and reach goals. Your starting point is where we begin. Achieving your desired goal scenario is our idea of success. 


Founded in Stockholm 2020. Read more about who we are.


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Over 500 hours/year of training and knowledge sharing.

A majestic mountain in Zion National Park symbolizes strength and stability, reflecting Arex Advisors' expertise and reliable support in the ever-changing regulatory landscape. We help propel your global projects forward.

Regulatory expertise for global teams

Complete your global regulatory affairs team

In the ever-changing regulatory landscape, the need for support might rise urgently. We offer expertise to fuel your global projects. Starting immediately.

  • Global regulatory project manangement
  • Strategic advice
  • Operational support

Supporting small/medium enterprises in pharma and biotech

When your science meets business

We help drug development companies from lab to market, offering crucial support with Regulatory Affairs, CMC, Quality Assurance and Market Access. Make sure your product’s value is not lost in translation.

  • Regulatory strategy
  • Interactions with authorities
  • Investor communication
A stunning feature in Yellowstone National Park, representing the intersection of natural beauty and scientific wonder, mirrors Arex Advisors' support for small and medium enterprises in pharma and biotech. We guide drug development companies from lab to market, ensuring their scientific innovations reach their full market potential.
A picturesque sunset over the mountains in Kamikochi with a small house perched on the edge of a peak, symbolizes the strategic and steady growth Arex Advisors supports in the pharma industry. We provide expert advice and local intelligence to help you expand your product into new territories while maintaining control over your product and profits.

Supporting business development in pharma

Improve your business case

Remain in control of your product and profits, as you expand your product into new territories. We offer a flexible partnership with a predictable financial model. Get strategic advice and local intelligence to boost your growth.

Our experts support:

  • Geographical expansion
  • Variations

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Staffan Thunell

Founding partner

BSc Economics and BA

Staffan has a long background in entrepreneurship within the life science industry. He has 20+ years experience from posit­ions as Founder, Chair­man, CEO and CFO within medical affairs consulting and small pharma. Previously Staffan worked in executive positions in big pharma and specialty pharma companies.