We combine our passion for the development process with a strategic mindset for project commercialization, always working towards new and better ways of helping our clients.

Our experts

Arex Advisor’s consultants have the passion, together with the proven experience, to support your journey from early development to commercialized product.

– 40% have a PhD degree
– 25% come with Health Authority experience
– many have held Big Pharma roles
– significant experience from small to medium-sized enterprise projects

Our experience

We provide services to companies manufacturing pharmaceutical products, biologics and biotech, medical devices, herbal preparations etc

Our customers

We provide consultants to big pharma all the way to startups

We improve your business case

We provide your business with consultant support in regulatory affairs and other areas

Our service offers

Specialist consulting
Arex specialist consulting services is a flexible, pay-as-you-go solution for companies that require short term strategic advise or operational support within all of Arex specialist areas. We provide experts on an ad-hoc basis to support you in reaching your objectives.
Project support
Arex project support is intended for larger, mid- to long term activities including one or several of Arex specialist areas. Together with you we define the scope and budget of the project and include all the necessary competencies for a favorable outcome.
FTE insourcing
Arex FTE insourcing is a service that offers a high degree of integration into the clients’ organization and activities. We provide a dedicated expert for a certain period, allowing for a flexible solution that can be aligned from time to time in accordance with the business need.