Paediatric investigation plans

PIPs support

A paediatric investigation plan (PIP), required in the European Union, or a paediatric study plan (PSP), required in the United States, is a development plan aimed at ensuring that the necessary data are obtained through clinical trials in the paediatric population.

Depending on which phase your product is in, our experts offer support to manage your PIP successfully.

Essentials of paediatric investigation plans

When seeking marketing authorisation for new medicines, developers must include results from studies outlined in an agreed-upon paediatric development plan. This requirement also applies when adding new indications, pharmaceutical forms, or routes of administration to an already authorised medicine, unless a deferral or waiver has been granted.

These plans help support the authorisation of medicines for children by conducting studies specifically in paediatric patients.


Why use our support with PIPs?

With significant experience from global PIP projects, our experts help you succeed with your authorisation.

Arex offers supprt with:
– Paediatric plan development
– Paediatric plan writing
– Authority interactions
– Waiver management
– Scientific advice
– Project management

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