Good manufacturing practice (GMP) support

Consultant support as Acting Qualified Person (QP)

We can offer a dependable solution to ensure compliant product release.

Qualified persons in manufacturing compliance

If you hold a manufacturing licence (including GMP certificate, Manufacturing and Importation Authorisation), legislation will require you to register at least one Qualified Person (QP) with the competent authority.

The responsibility of the Qualified Person is to assure that the good manufacturing practice standards are fulfilled and that the provisions described in the Marketing Authorisation are met.

The QP is legally responsible for any batch that he or she has certified.

To be considered for that position, they must have detailed knowledge of the steps that are included in your manufacturing process. In case of need the QP should be able to prove their continuous training regarding the product type, production processes, technical advances, and changes to GMP.

The QP performs:

Batch certification, meaning that the manufactured batch is safe in terms of quality, efficacy, and safety to be released for sale and distribution into the market.

Release of an investigational medicinal product for use in a clinical trial.

Local release of any pharmaceutical product that is imported from a third country.

Approval of an API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) used in manufacturing for specific pharmaceutical products must also be approved via a QP-declaration.

Why use our support to find and appoint a QP (Qualified Person)?

If you are relatively small, you might not find it feasible to employ a full-time QP.

Given the specific competence required, it may also be a challenge to find the right person to employ.

Our experts not only fulfill the legal requirements for acting QP, but also have a profound knowledge in quality assurance and are able to support the company QA manager.

We can offer QP support either as an interim solution, on a continuous basis or as back-up for the company employed QP.

Our experts can also assist with assessment of API-manufacturers for the statement of a QP declaration (Auditing), or the appropriate GMP-compliance for excipients and their suppliers.

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