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Management of logistics and orders

We will ensure that you have an efficient local and regional system for the management of logistics, ensuring close contact with wholesalers to obtain the best possible service level to pharmacies and clients. This will ultimately safeguard the supply of important medicines to patients.

Managing pharma supply chain challenges

Shortage and out-of-stock situations of important medicines is a growing problem for many pharma companies. Diligent and efficient supply chain management is imperative to avoid that and to serve pharmacies and clients in the best possible way.

Additionally, you will need to consider both forecasting and production planning so as not to run into shelf-life issues and subsequent unsaleable batches.

Why use our support with logistics and orders?

Arex Advisor experts can:

-Handle forecasting and orders in close collaboration with the client’s central logistics functions.
-Be the primary contact with wholesalers to consider regional supply management.
-Manage returns, shelf-life considerations, re-packing and similar supply activities.

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