Market access strategy development

HTA/reimbursement submission strategy

A robust HTA/reimbursement strategy will form the basis for the submission, safeguard you in your preparations and increase the chances of a successful outcome of your HTA/reimbursement submission.

Optimising your reimbursement strategy

An HTA/reimbursement submission strategy for pharmaceuticals is about presenting your product in a way that is relevant to local policies in evaluating a product for reimbursement.

A reimbursement submission strategy should be prepared before any submission, enabling you to have clear plans and firm objectives as a basis for the HTA dossier development.

Important variables that will be taken into account are:

Timing of submissions

Specific evidence requirements in terms of clinical and or economic evidence

Potential HTA interaction

Identifying the relevant patient population for the submission

Advice on the best model (cost-min or cost-effectiveness)

Considerations regarding pricing and negotiation opportunities (e.g. tenders, managed entry agreements or three-party negotiations)

Why use our support with developing an HTA/reimbursement submission strategy?

Arex will help you evade surprises and avoid delays in gaining reimbursement for your product. Our support will contribute to defining the opportunities and potential pitfalls involved in the HTA submission for your product. 

We use a local landscape review as the basis for our strategy setting.

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